Since 1935

1935: Acquisition of the site by Dornier-Werke for the construction of a company airport to fly in its own aircraft.

From 1945: Invasion by the US Army. In the following years, the site served as the southernmost base of the Berlin Airlift.

1956: Resumption of factory air traffic.

1989: Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH was integrated into the Airbus Group.

2002: Insolvency of Fairchild-Dornier and thus complete transfer of the special airport site to the Airbus Group.

Takeover of the aircraft maintenance division by RUAG Aerospace GmbH.

From 2003 until 2016

From 2003: The airport´s areas were reorganized by means of a planning approval procedure and decision, and permission was obtained under aviation law for qualified business aviation.

From 2015: A number of new companies began to settle at the site. Dornier Seawings (amphibious aircraft), Torqeedo (electric boat drives) and Lilium (development of fully electric jets as air cabs) relocated their company headquarters to Oberpfaffenhofen.

Since 2017

2017: Takeover of the site by EDMO. The development of the site was driven forward from then on.

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